Mobile application
for everyone

Create your app, it will take you only few minutes, and it is completely free of charge. Pay only small monthly fee. Download your application anytime from Apple Store or Google Play.

Free delivery
all our apps


Features included in both plans

  • Creating customised native Android & iPhone App
  • Customisation of design, colours, icons and backgrounds
  • Menu, Reservation, Contact, Map, Contest, Forms
  • Facebook connection
  • Unlimited number of app downloads
  • Unlimited push notifications
  • Unlimited upgradeg & updates (new versions of iOS and Android)
  • CMS: update app content at any time
  • FREE publishing to App store & Google Play
  • App mobile landing page
  • Google Analytics implementation
  • Customised splash screen (Company logo)
  • QR code for app download

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Saving time package


  • Creating of the app
  • Visual styling
  • Graphics
  • Posters & Online banners